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AutoClave(Horizontal)	New


Autoclaving.Sterilisation of culture media.Sterilisation of utensils.Sterilisation of Glasswares...

AutoClave(Verticle) New


Vertical cylindrical construction occupies less space.Easy to move.Double walled construction.Provid..

Bio Saftey Cabinet New

Bio Saftey Cabinet

Application include isolation and indentification of plant/human pathogens, work in virology, tissue..

Circulating Waterbath New

Circulating Waterbath

The water bath is used to circulate hot water in particular area/instrument like B.R. Apparatus OR A..

Fume hood/Ducting New

Fume hood/Ducting

Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel ..

Gas Purification Panel New

Gas Purification Panel

Gas Purification panel is used to remove the vapours impurities like Moisture, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbon ..

Humidity/Stability Chamber New

Humidity/Stability Chamber

INTRODUCTIONHumidity Control Oven can generate & maintain above ambient temp. below ambient temp..


Micro Control Based B.O.D. Incubator is specifically designed to cater the needs of incubation and r..

Lab Furniture New

Lab Furniture

We supply Laboratory Furniture in M.S. and S.S. as per your design...

Laminar New


With all accessories which are working table of S.S. 304 HEPA of .3 of an efficiency of 99.97% down ..

Muffle Furnace New

Muffle Furnace

 The Apparatus is Fitted Silver Thermal Fuse, Main Lead with Power Plug To Work on 220/230 Volt..


Temperature upto 250 C. Heating Elements are Placed in ribs at the botton and sides. Double Walled i..