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DJ8602 Full Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Main Technical ParameterTest itemsRed blood cells, Poikilocyte, White blood cells, WBCC, Crystals su..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic



Capable of holding different size tubes in each available slot as wellLiterally adapts to your tube ..

BR Biochem Life Sciences Pvt Ltd


Automatic Electric Flying Insect Killer Machine 20 w ( 1 FT size ) Double tube

Material : M.S.Body with Powder CoatedTubes      : 2 (12") (Philips Holland)Powe..

Delight Engineering



Laboratory Enterprises Manufacturing reinvented diffusion cell apparatus is used to study of trans-d..

Laboratory Enterprises


Digital ph Meter-UNIVERSAL

Range: 0 to 14 Ph/millivolts: 0 to + 2000 mV. Resolution: Ph: 0.01 ph milivolts: 1 mV. Acc..

Gravity Lab


DJ-50 Semi Automatic Urine Analyzer

Test Speed 60-120 Tests/Hour DJ-50 Semi Automatic Urine Analyzer,Urine Analyser,Urinalysis Test Anal..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


DJ-60 Semi Automatic urine analyzer

Display:240×128LCD screen DJ-60 Semi Automatic Compact Urinalysis Uri,Semi Biochemistry analyzer,Uri..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


DJ8601 Urine Sediment Analyzer

Detection Speed: T≤90s Urine Sediment Analyzer, Urine Formed Elements Analyzer, DJ8601 Urine Micr..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


DK-1100VET Diagnostic Device Clinical Hematology Analyzer

100,000 Sample Results With Histograms DK-1100VET Diagnostic Device Clinical Hematology An..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


DK-1200VET Auto Hematology Analyzer-dongjiu,Veterinary Equipment Hematology Analyzer

DK-1200VET​ Auto Hematology Analyzer-dongjiu,Veterinary Equipment Veterinary Hematology AnalyzerGene..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


Gel Documentation system-Digicap

I)    MODEL: GDS BASIC        Cat No: EPS-GDS001 System..

EPS Biosolutions


Genist International Water Distillation Unit

Genist International Model: GI-L4Distillate Quality : Ideal for general laboratory use- capable of p..



Microprocessor Colorimeter GI-FC08

Microprocessor Colorimeter GI-FC08Microprocessor Colorimeter MModel GI-FC08 is a compact and easy to..


Nitrogen Evaporators

Nitrogen Evaporators - used in Pharmaceutical Industries, Clinical Research Organisations, Food and ..

Takahe Analytical Instruments


Touch screen Lab Ultrasonic cell disruption

Ultrasonic homogenizer is one of the commonly used equipment for laboratory sample pretreatment. SCI..


Universal Tube Rack

Quickly change tube sizes with this adaptable polypropylene rack.Open the well with a turn of the kn..

BR Biochem Life Sciences Pvt Ltd


Urinalysis Device, Urinalysis System, DJ8602 Urine workstation, Urine Analyzer (120 Times/Hour)

Test speed 120Times/Hour Urinalysis Device, Urinalysis System, Uriscan, Compact Urinalysis Urine Ana..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic


Urine Sediment Analyzer DJ8601NEW

Urine Sediment Analyzer, Urine Formed Elements Analyzer, DJ8601NEW Full Automatic, Urine TestProduct..

Xuzhou Dongjiu Electronic



Introduction :-LWDC stills high quality Borosilicate 3.3 Glass incorporating a high quality double c..

Laboid International


Binocular Research Microscope

Magnification: 25 X to 1500 X Body: Light Weight, latest design with improved system for strain..

Gravity Lab


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