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Method A:

Aniline point apparatus as per IP 2 & IP 1448(P-3), ASTM D-611 method A complete with jacket without thermometer.

Optional Accessories:

  1. Spare outer Jacket with cork.
  2. Spare tube with cork.
  3. Heater with energy regulator

Method B:
Aniline point apparatus as per IS 2 method B, IS 1448 (P-3), ASTM-D 611 by thin film method Electrically heated with energy regulator and motorised stirrer (without thermometer).

Optional Accessories:

  1. Spare tap
  2. Spare contraction chamber
  3. Do with light arrangement
  4. Spare Metal Stirrer.

Method C:
Aniline Point Apparatus for volatile liquids as per IP 2 method C. Without thermometer.

Optional Accessories:

  1. I.P.20C(-38/42°C x 0.2C)
  2. I.P.21C(25/105°C x 0.2C)
  3. I.P.59C(90/170°C x 0.2C)

Method D:
Aniline point apparatus as per IP-2 1977 U tube method Electrically heated with motorised Stirrer (without thermometer)

Optional Accessories:

  1. Spare ‘U’ tube

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