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Brain Cancer Patients Persist Longer by Sending Electric Fields Through Their Heads

Posted by Biophlox Admin 15/12/2016 0 Comment(s)


The Optune system for treating brain cancer requires a fair bit of wearable hardware.


The amazing Optune device, discovered by a company called Novocure, can’t exactly be called convenient or modest.

Novocure just reforms Optune, decreasing the size and weight of the external field generator and its battery pack. The first-generation generator weighed about 3 kg (6 pounds) and came in a backpack, while the new version weighs 1.2 kg (2.7 pounds) and comes in a shoulder bag. For every few hours, the users need to change their batteries or plug into a wall socket.

Optune users carry their cancer-treating tech with them wherever they go.

Novocure company suggests that the patient has to carry this device 18hrs per day.

For more information: http://spectrum.ieee.org/the-human-os/biomedical/devices/brain-cancer-patients-survive-longer-by-sending-electric-fields-through-their-heads


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