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Repairing Organs With the Touch of a Nanochip

Posted by Biophlox Admin 26/11/2017 0 Comment(s)


Chandan Sen and his team, of researchers at Ohio State University, have successfully developed a new nanochip based technology which reprograms the cells inside the body, ultimately helping in repairing organs. This new technology called “tissue nano transfection” is non-invasive and painless which could be used to repair and regenerate body tissues, including organs.
It basically operates in very simple steps i.e. placing the nanochip on the affected area and when the chip touches the skin, it sends a snippet of synthetic DNA into the surface cells using an electric current, which lasts less t
han one-tenth of a second.


Currently, Sen and his team successfully healed a mouse’s injured leg but the real test of the technology will be determined with the results of human trials which are expected to start next year. Experts feel that a  lot of research needs to be done to target cells other than skin cells and to reprogram certain genes but this has made the people excited about the new technology and it’s amazing application.

Source: https://spectrum.ieee.org/video/biomedical/devices/repairing-organs-with-the-touch-of-a-nanochip



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