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Uv/Vis Spectro – Photometer Detector Uv 3000

Uv 3000 is upgrade product of v2000. Uv 3000 is used all digital design. Uv 3000 is also a spectro photometer detector. It can be controlled by pc. It can be widely use in chemical analysis, pesticide, pharmacy and chemistry etc. chromatographic measurement at a selected wave length between 190 and 700mm per run. Wavelength change during measurement possible.



  • Wavelength range: 190 – 700nm
  • Light source:         Deuterium Lamp (Standard), Tungsten – Halogen Lamp (optional)
  • Wavelength Accuracy:         <± 1nm
  • Wavelength Precision:         ±0.1nm
  • Wavelength Scanning:         Stop – flow mode, UV Spectra acquisition 0 separated Compounds in the stop – flow mode possible.
  • Detection range:         0 – 4 AU
  • Baseline Noise: : ±0.2 × 10-⁵ AU/h, Dynamic flow cell rate 1ml/min, Methanol / Water = 80/20, Wavelength 254nm
  • Time Constants: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10s
  • Analog Output: ±0.1 ±1.0±10V
  • Integrator Output: 16 grades adjustable
  • Auto Zero: Full Scale Range
  • Digital Data output:         Rs 232 Interface
  • Display:         320 × 240 LCD Display, adjustable blue background light
  • Power: 220 ± 10%, 50Hz, 60W
  • Dimension and weight: 410 × 80 × 270 mm (W×H×D), 14Kg
  • GLP SupportGLP: Detailed Support with lamp operation time, number of lamp ignitions and further service information  

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Uv/Vis Spectro – Photometer Detector Uv 3000

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